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Available for Single PT & also Double PT programs ( two clients on their fitness journey together ). ️‍

1.Full Body Analysis

*Overall weight*

*Body fat %*

*Visceral fat level*

*muscle mass %*

*water retention*

*B.M.I* ( body max index )

*Blood pressure*

*Resting heart rate*

2. Nutritional Plan.

*Step by step weekly nutritional plan working on calorie deficite in order to strip the body fat right down whilst increasing muscle mass along with energy levels.

3. Personal Training.


*Ten full private personal training sessions with Paul O'Brien in the OB PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIO.

Paul has 20 years experience in the fitness industry dealing with top athletes all over the world. Famous football team members from top premiership  clubs, top amateur boxers and many more. He has the capability to change someone's life around within months with his well structured program and his results speak for themselves.


 4.  Fat Burning.

*You also receive home core training plans, fat burning zone training workouts, homehiits and many more on request.

5.  Communication


*And finally 24/7 communication via a private OBPT WhatsApp page set up from the beginning of the program.


Thank You & Stay Strong!

For more details on prices please contact Paul via email or phone.